Real Tequila Soda Inspired By A Real Place

Deep in the heart of the West Texas wild, there lives a ranch. But not just any ranch...

One with a view you have to see to believe.

A ranch that calls adventurers from far and wide to kick up their boots, let loose, and experience firsthand the magic of an all-day sunset.

Where gathering each day at dusk to drink in the view isn’t just a good idea…

It's Tradition.

Carefully preserved for generations by the Yarborough ranching family, Loma Vista is a place that soothes the mind, reinvigorates the body, and – like the drink it inspired – is best enjoyed with friends.

Of course, not everyone can trace the winding trails leading up to this pristine view, smell the Ocotillo flowers, and gaze towards the endless horizon like so many pioneers before them.

But they can all taste the cool, crisp cocktail it’s best known for.

Introducing Loma Vista Tequila Soda - A drink as refreshing as the view that inspired it.

Made with premium tequila blanco, carbonated water, real lime juice, and natural flavors, it’s the closest you’ll come to drinking in a sunset.

So go ahead. Grab a case, grab some friends, and grab a seat.

Because as the Yarborough family and their decades-long tradition will tell you, you haven’t experienced a sunset until you’ve done it with a Loma Vista Tequila Soda in hand.

When the sun goes down, we drink.